I know enough about screenwriting to know that some screenwriters think of who their ideal cast would be and then write their screenplay. I suppose this technique helps you to stay true to your character when you are writing something that takes days upon days to complete. And, of course, if you have an ‘in’ with that person, then I bet it sure does help to hand them a script and not only tell them “I wrote this for you *blush*” but for them to read it and think “wow, this is so perfect for me” (well duh, retard).

 With that in mind, it seems that maybe this shall be my technique as well. Unless of course I read about something else that works for me. Regardless, I already know who must play the male lead in my tripe of an unwritten screenplay.


No one, and I mean no one, can overact and dominate a scene like this mo’fo on CSI: Miami. I hate CSI: Miami with a passion unlike no other. Yet I am drawn to it by David Caruso. It is clear from a mere 30 seconds of watching his acting that he takes himself with the utmost seriousness. And yet, he is so horrible. Naturally, he must be in my equally as horrible to-be-written screenplay.