In taking the steps toward writing my screenplay, and thus attempting to sell it before my girlfriend sells one of hers, I began where I would with anything new. I asked my best friend. Google. I asked my friend Google, ‘how to write a screenplay’ and it replied with the following link: Perfect. The main page of this site gives me a 22-item table of contents that is “this basic information will give you a head start on your endeavors, including practical information to help you get your scripts read. And hopefully turned into movies.” Yes, sign me up for that please, sir.

The first item in the table of contents explains to me what exactly a screenplay is. (Scary that someone would want to write a screenplay but have no concept of what one actually is.) Then, the basic hollywood formula is explained. Loosely it is this… Great heroes and heroines and great villians that “make us want to jump into the screen!” Then there is something at stake that MUST be acquired, which of course leads to CONFLICT. To tie it all up together in pretty packaging you need a hook, which they say is termed ‘high concept.’ I think this translates as something would be of high interest to the general populous – like reality TV. So, the formula I need to emulate is this: SEXY HEROES AFTER SOMETHING REGARDLESS OF THE RISK + DASTARDLY VILLIAN THAT CREATES AN OBSTACLE TO THE THING THE HEROES ARE AFTER = CONFLICT -> HIGH CONCEPT HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER

Bonus points if there is an additional obstacle which is emotional, such as an ‘inner demon’ that the hero will conquer by the end of the movie.