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what’s Hollywood been buying?

In preparing to write my first script, and thus sell a screenplay before my girlfriend does (insert evil laughter here), I have been trying to figure out what the bejesus Hollywood has been buying lately. I know what they’ve been sending to my local movie theater. A lot of tripe. Stinky, stinky tripe.

I checked Hollywood Lit Sales, but apparently it hasn’t been updated since 2003. Cripes. Done Deal Pro wants around $25 for me to see recent sales. Wankers. Showbiz Data wants $34.95/month for their database. BaselineFT? $14.95/mo for their database. Surely the info is out there for free somewhere. Much appreciation for anyone that can point me towards the place to get this info for free.

I did get this from the free Done Deal Pro newsletter…

Kara Holden sold her untitled pitch to New Line Cinema for a high six figures against seven figures. No plot details were released for the romantic comedy. ContraFilm’s Beau Flynn & Tripp Vinson will produce. Holden was repped by Agency for the Performing Arts, Energy and Behr, Abramson & Kaller.
Columbia Pictures picked up Damian Shannon and Mark Swift’s untitled action-fantasy script for a high six figures against seven figures. The story concerns a cynical guy from New York who is forced to go to a land untouched by modern civilization to save a village and a princess from fiendish fairytale creatures. Buckaroo Entertainment’s Sam Raimi & Josh Donen will produce. Columbia’s Shannon Gaulding, Matt Tolmach & Doug Belgrad and Buckaroo’s Russell Hollander will oversee. The writers were repped by Creative Artists Agency, Magnet Management, and Colden McKuin & Frankel.
Chris Morgan sold his untitled adventure pitch to Universal Pictures for $700,000 against $1.35 million. Scott Stuber & Mary Parent will produce. H2F Entertainment’s Walter Hamada & Chris Fenton will executive produce. Universal’s Jeff Kirschenbaum & Erik Baiers will oversee. Morgan was repped on the deal by International.

Thoughts on this…. A romantic comedy. Surprising. I hope they don’t put Jack Black in one again. “…a cynical guy from NYC goes to an untouched land to save a village and a princess…” This seems like it might have been inspired a bit by The Neverending Story. Only not as cool. And $700,000 against $1.35 mil for a untitled adventure pitch? wtf?

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  1. blog lists a lot of recent sales, plus I bounce into Borders and pick up Script and Creative Screenwriting, grab a coffee from their cafe and have a read (they list recent sales too). If you find a good free one I’d love to hear about it myself

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