Personally, I find it rather silly that there are so many books written on screenwriting. I feel as if it is either something you have or something you don’t. It is not a skill that can be picked up from reading a $20 paperback. Sure, you can get some valuable info as far as how to format your script if you aren’t using Final Draft or the like. You can learn how to bind it and what kind of fasteners to use. But you can’t learn the meat of it all. And those are my fave books. The ones that give you screenplay ideas. If the ideas were that hot to begin with, I think the author of the book would have written the screenplay instead of the book.

Nevertheless, I shall gather up some of these ludicrous books. Why? Because that’s what most people do. And considering the shit that has been coming out of Hollywood, screenwriters just might be using those script ideas from books. And I will too. So, I looked up some titles in my local library’s online catalog. Score. They have some of them. So, this week I will be loading up on those and devouring them. After that, I’ll start on the script.

I’m leading towards an actiony type of movie. Why? Because people go apeshit over those sorts of movies. Throw in some explosions, car crashes, scantily clad busty babes, aliens, Tom Cruise = jackpot. Notice how I went from aliens right to Tom Cruise. It was almost subconscious. Those wanker scientologists have brain washed me. Now I can’t think of aliens without thinking of Tom Cruise. Dammit man.