See Me Sell A Screenplay

movies 'n such

And in this corner, we have opponent #1…

Riley LaShea. My girlfriend. My archnemesis in this little competition.

Riley already has her script polished off, waiting to be printed and bound with brass fasteners and a crisp white cardstock. She has a zillion and one screenplays that she has finished and she’s sitting on. Does she think they will hatch? Maybe, I dunno.

What does she have going for her? Well, first she’s a shag-me-sexy hot mama. As if she needs anything else to back her up after that, but sadly she has plenty. She’s published a book. And she’s HUGE in Oakland. No, really, she’s practically a celebrity there. Thankfully, the movie industry is not in Oakland or I’d be screwed. And wait, there’s more! She filmed one of her movies last year. Remember those scripts waiting to hatch into cute little movies? Well, one finally hatched last summer.

Her weaknesses? Cheez-its, but only the reduced fat ones, any movies with Dina Meyer in them, and the History channel. She also doesn’t know the password to our account – so how is she going to mail out those query letters? muah hahaha

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  1. Okay, I see how we are going to play this. A little smart-alecky with that whole script-hatchery thing, weren’t we? Touche, my love. And now you are going down so hard, you are going to leave a dent in the earth.

  2. “So let this be said;
    the gauntlet has been thrown down.
    But the faculty have answered the
    challenge and answered with vigor.”

    I express FedEx a chocolate chip cookie to someone who correctly names the movie.

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