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The Hollywood Reporter has a story on the front page today about a book they just got the film rights for titled “The Overachievers.” What intrigues most about this sale is that the synposis of the book and what their film goals are for it do not seem to mesh.

In the book, published in August, Robbins (“Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities”) chronicles the lives of students in a Bethesda, Md., high school as they navigate the SAT and college-application process. The teens are obsessed with success while they contend with illness, physical deterioration, cheating, obsessed parents and emotional breakdowns.


The plan is to make a character-driven teen comedy a la John Hughes.

Um, no, I’m not really getting a John Hughes feel from this book. This hardly seems like it would be good material for a comedy.

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  1. Hollywood is notorious for turning important social works into teen comedy, and taking out the more important components to make it watchable by typical moviegoer standars. Did you know the movie Mean Girls is based on the book Queen Bees & Wannabes?

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