I have found it. My personal screenwriting bible in the form of a $15 paperback printed using the cheapest paper that could be found. What is this magnificent tome? Well, it should be titled “The Lazy Bastard’s Guide to Screenwriting.” But it is not. “How to Write a Movie in 21 Days” is the life-changing tome I am referring to. It’s written by one Viki King, whose sole IMDB credit is from ’68 as a one epi writer for Hart to Hart. Of course, her bio on the book back cover features some fluff that says she done more, but look at IMDB friends, and I rest my case.

Upon picking up this treasure I was giddy with excitement. Why? Because I see that I can write a complete 120-page screenplay in less than a month. I’m so excited. Stoked actually. See, I thought this little competition I’d gotten myself into was going to consume a lot of my time. But it won’t take me nearly as long to write me screenplay as I thought! According to the wise sage that authored this tripe, I only need three things to craft my script.

1. A wish to write a movie. Check!
2. The idea you don’t quite have yet. Awesome! Check!
3. This book. Check!

The one-epi writer of Hart to Hart also teaches the principles in this book at a UCLA extension under the nifty little name of the “Inner Movie Method.” Ooh, ahh. The Inner Movie Method, or IMM as I like to refer to it, is described as taking you the shortest distance from your great idea to a completed script. (what happened to only needing the idea that you don’t quite have yet?) The IMM is quoted often in the book when something important wants to be conveyed, for example on pg 170 you will see:

Inner Movie Axiom: You don’t have to know what you’re doing to do it.

Brilliant. Not only can I come into this with less than an idea, but I can approach it without knowing what the hell I am doing. I love this wise grasshopper.

For those of you wondering, ‘well, what is the IMM really about?’ you are in luck because it is summarized in one simple line at the beginning of the text.

Write from your heart; rewrite from your head.

It goes on to explain that no one in their right mind can write a movie, so let’s use the heart.

Dually noted, King.