Much love to everyone that has found this site from Problogger. Feel free to subscribe to my posts by email so you will be the first to know when I emerge victorious and my girlfriend weeps.

And to all the fellow screenwriters that have come over from Problogger – don’t be stealing my ideas of how to infiltrate Hollywood. If I start reading in the Hollywood Reporter about an outbreak of studio execs getting in minor car accidents, I know it will be all thanks to me. Just do me a favor, scrawl my web address on their car with your keys!

And to those of you who want to sell a screenplay, I have these sage words of advice from my new favorite book, How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, you only need 3 things to write a script:

  1. A wish to write a movie
  2. The idea you don’t quite have yet, and
  3. That book

Note how talent is not mentioned in that list.

See, there is hope for us all yet. Godspeed.