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21 days to genius

As I prepare to get ready to craft my first ever screenplay, I’m soaking up all I can from How to write a movie in 21 days, because let’s face it, I have other things to do and I’m psyched about being able to crank a script out in 21 days. Yes, that’s right, in less than a month I can be sending out query letters and being on the road to annihilating my opposition. Let’s hear it for Team Tripe! woot, woot!

So, here’s how it’s supposed to go down.

  • Days 1-7 are to be used to write a “very fast random draft”
  • Day 8, rest. I’m guessing the author is dyslexic, cause aren’t ya supposed to rest on the 7th day? I mean, if it was good enough for God….
  • Day 9, read that random draft I pulled out of my ass on days 1-7
  • Days 10-17, rewrite. Balls to that.
  • Days 18-20, tweak and polish.
  • Day 21, celebrate. Oh yes, because victory will be mine. Too bad I’m not near Vegas, I’d like to see what they’d put my odds at.

And that is it friend. The 21-day movie writing plan, only to be utilized by the serious screenwriting mofo.

And now, we interrupt the regularly scheduled blogging for an IMM important note!

Inner Movie Axiom: Fiction is a way to tell the truth.

The above nugget is on page 29 of my bible, under the frightening section headline “How to make up a true story.” Cripes.


  1. 21 days? Why so long? You should be able to knock out a professional high-quality screenplay before breakfast tomorrow.

    Well, since you’re on such a tight deadline, and I’m always on the side of beating girls, who in fact do have cooties, I’ll help you out. Here’s how:

    Since people of your high ambitions respond best to high pressure, tight deadlines, and insurmountable odds, I’ll assist you by actually making your job harder, just like in any good movie.

    First, I’ll distract you with long, drawn out blog comments like this. Polite society demands that you’ll read them all out of courtesy. So the more I write, the more time I take away from you.

    Next, on day seven, I’ll break into your house/apartment and steal your rough draft, thus also making your 8th day of rest a day of hell as you try to remember & scribble down everything you wrote.

    Then, I’ll plant seeds of doubt about your relationship into your girlfriend’s mind (I think some character tried this in Othello if my terrible memory of Shakespeare serves correctly). This way, your very motivation for completing this project will be in jeopardy, not to mention trying to re-win the heart of the heroine (though, we may have to re-cast, as the the heroine here is actually your nemesis).

    I’ve got a few other ideas but I must spring them on you at the last minute, leaving plot twists & turns nobody can fathom. This will sell more tickets.

    This drama should be enough to make you look deep into your soul & push you over the edge into conquering your screenwriting destiny. In the end, maybe, just maybe, you’ll win the girl, defeat your arch nemesis, and write the 21 day script of all scripts.

    …remember me when you’re on top.

  2. admin

    May 12, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    I’m wondering what you water seeds of doubt with?

  3. Ha ha.

    Okay, I just read your blog from beginning to here, something I should have done before posting anything.

    I just realised that you goal is not to write a great screenplay, but a terrible one that sells. This makes it so much easier. 21 days doesn’t seem so insurmountable now.

    I’ve got a pretty simple idea (I realize it may be hard to believe that someone of my intellect can come up with anything simple). I’ll post it on your next post.

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