I have a vague idea about what I want to write about for this script, but nothing concrete. But that seems to be just perfect, since one of the three things I need to write a screenplay is “the idea you don’t quote have yet.” Perfect. It sure is nice knowing that I don’t need a lot of ideas, much less one fully formed one. In fact, according to page 172, I need less than a million ideas.

Inner Movie Axiom: You have a million ideas. You don’t need that many.

Wonder if less than one will fit the bill?

My girlfriend, also known as the enemy, is always complaining that she has too many ideas. So, I bestowed this little gift of knowledge to her. I sure bet she’ll find it easier to crank out screenplays now!

 My idea you’re wondering? I’m glad you asked. But I’m not ready to tell yet, remember, it’s less than an idea now. I need to water it first so it grows.