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A page by page breakdown of pure genius

Yes, that’s right. Much like the expectant mother I like to think of this little screenplay waiting to pop outta me as pure genius. Hopefully it won’t be covered in goo and muck though.

The way I see, I have every advantage here. My girlfriend has a zillion ideas, and according to the IMM she doesn’t need that many. In fact, she has a virtual screenplay orphanage in her writing room. She can’t even focus this weekend on polishing the script she plans to wield against me. She’s too busy working on other ideas. Me, I have the focus of a, well, I dunno really, but dammit I gots me some focus! I don’t have a completely formed idea but I have focus in spades my friend. And better than that, I have a friend that is a Microsoft Word Ninja who told me she can do some shit with styles so that I won’t need no stinking Final Draft.

I also have a 9-card movie map. Or at least I will. What is a 9-card movie map you ask? Why, just the latest sage advice from How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, also known as the words I live by. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard people talking of “the word” and following “the word'” right? Especially if you’ve been in the South, cause that shit is all they talk about. So, what the hell did you think they were talking about?

The 9-card movie map is my movie, on 9 index cards. Brilliant, yes? Now, not the entire 120 pages, just the important parts, cause we all know the rest is just filler anyways. So, I’m supposed to take my 9 index cards, write down these important pieces on the cards and arrange them to make my movie. Preferably in order. Unless I decide to do some Memento-type thing, which I won’t cause that movie was wicked lame, even by Hollywood standards.

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  1. Oh, I see how it is. It’s no wonder you were asking what I was working on, and then proceeded to tell me to work on the next chapter of my novel. You were trying to distract me from the task at hand, which is kicking your ass all across the planet, collecting a small fortune for my efforts, and basking in the glow of fame and public approval. I am onto you, and now I am back on my mission.

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