So, it’s getting about time for me to get serious and really buckle down and start on this screenplay. Seems like I’ve been talking about it forever. So, to start I need to do my 9-card movie map. My 9 cards need to consist of the following:

Card 1 = page 1 of the movie
Card 2 = page 3 of the movie
Card 3 = page 10 of the movie
Card 4 = page 30 of the movie
Card 5 = page 45 of the movie
Card 6 = page 60 of the movie
Card 7 = page 75 of the movie
Card 8 = page 90 of the movie
Card 9 = the end of the movie

That’s it. The entire movie. And the rest is just filler. Like Tyler Perry’s movies. I suspect that all the Madea scenes are on his 9 index cards, and the rest of the shite he throws in is filler to get him to 120 pages.

Now, I still don’t exactly have an idea of this little screenplay. But I’m getting the impression that is what the index cards are for. Yes, that’s it, I will fill in the index cards and then I’ll have my idea! Now, I don’t see “fill out index cards” listed anywhere for days 1 – 21 on my How to Write a Movie in 21 Days checklist.

I’m thinking I need to revamp this whole 21 days shit because that sounds like an awful lot of work that I’ll have to do, and I’m a lazy bastard. So, I want to spread it out over a whole month. So, welcome to the Lazy Bastards Guide to Screenwriting: From Nothing to Genius in 31 days by moi.

Table of Contents

Day 1 = Do index card #1
Day 2 = Do index card #2
Day 3 = Do index card #3
Day 4 = Do index card #4
Day 5 = Do index card #5
Day 6 = booze break
Day 7 = Do index card #6
Day 8 = Do index card #7
Day 9 = Do index card #8
Day 10 = Do index card #9 and come up with a working title
Day 11 = write fast, random draft
Day 12 = write fast, random draft
Day 13 = write fast, random draft
Day 14 = booze break
Day 15 = write fast, random draft
Day 16 = write fast, random draft
Day 17 = write fast, random draft
Day 18 = read draft, watch CSI: Miami, more booze
Day 19 = rewrite
Day 20 = rewrite
Day 21 = rewrite
Day 22 = booze time
Day 23 = rewrite
Day 24 = rewrite
Day 25 = rewrite
Day 26 = booze time
Day 27 = practice my red carpet walk and pose for the paparazzi
Day 28 = tweak/polish
Day 29 = tweak/polish
Day 30 = tweak/ polish
Day 31 = celebrate with booze and CSI: Miami marathon

So there you have it. This is how I will write my script that I will sell before my girlfriend sells her script. I plan to jump right in and get to work on it. First thing tomorrow.