Today marks the first day of my implementation of the Lazy Bastards Guide to Screenwriting: From Nothing to Genius in 31 Days.

Day 1 is filling out index card #1 of the 9-card movie map.

Index card #1 is supposed to hold what is supposed to be on the first page of the screenplay. According to How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, The first page of the movie should tell the place, the time, the mood and the point of view. And I’m guessing maybe is should introduce the main character? My guidebook doesn’t tell me when to bring in the main character, just that we should know them by page 10.

I’ll be doing my actual index card later today, most likely tonight, because 1) I have a real job that has nothing to do with this blog, 2) I need to actually find an index card, well 9 of them actually and 3) I don’t have an actual idea for the script yet. And since I gave myself only one thing to do for the entire day, I plan on fully utilizing the entire day. And maybe, just maybe, I will have an epiphany by the time I am ready to post a pic of my index card on here. If all else fails, I can sneak into my girlfriend’s writing room and shanghai one of her ideas. Muah hahaha.

No, I’ll just watch some beginnings of some really bad movies to get inspiration. I picked up The Break-Up at Blockbuster, so that should get me heading on the right track. I mean, it has Jennifer Aniston in it ferchrissakes. The only good acting I’ve ever seen out of her was the “I love kung fu” scene in Office Space.

It’d sure be swell if I could see recent script sales somewhere online without having to pay for the access. Sure, I can get some highlights from the front pages of sites like Variety and ShowBizData but they limit the information. So, I’ll just stick with the plan to write something like the same old shit that they keep rehashing and feeding to people.

My girlfriend asks me every day, at least once, if I’ve started my script. I know she doesn’t think she’s going to be getting daily updates on it, including storyline and such. You’d think she didn’t know the definition of “I’m gonna stomp your ass” er, I mean “competition.” I need to start practicing my “I told you so” face in the mirror, you know, for when I get to tell her that someone wants my script.