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Day 2, Index card #2

The theme. What is mine? Hell if I know, I still don’t have a complete idea.

So, anywho, index card #2 is supposed to be what is on page 3 of the script. What is on page 3 of the script you ask? Well, apparently that is where I’m supposed to put what the movie will be exploring thematically. In fact, there should be a line of dialouge on page 3 that introduces a central question, after which every scene will build on that.

I admit, I was a bit stumped by what was actually meant by ‘theme,’ so I Googled for an answer. Seems I’m not the only one a little confused. The first site I clicked to did me the favor of showing me some theme examples.

If you try to practice deception, you will be found out.

Absolute power corrupts.

Money can’t buy true happiness.

I was stoked when I saw these examples, cause I have a book of Chinese proverbs, and if those aren’t some “Confucius says…” items then I don’t know what is. I even got mine at the ready: One door closes, another door opens. You’re blown away aren’t you? Me too, my mind amazes me daily. Imagine living with a genius like me. Ah, the enlightenment you would experience.

After looking at a couple of other pages, I discovered, much to my dismay, that movie themes are not Chinese proverbs masquerading as themes. In fact, themes are apparently one-word things. And I just happened to find a list of the basic themes in movies,

  • Revenge
  • Survival
  • Money
  • Power
  • Glory
  • Self-Awareness
  • Love

There you have it. I’m not sure if you can use more than one theme at a time though.

So, here is today’s index card. I got excited with the Chinese proverbs, wrote one down, then discovered that was wrong, but I used a pen, and my girlfriend told me yesterday not to mess up cause she wasn’t giving me anymore index cards, so, I have one fake Chinese proverb and two basic themes on my card. I like to think I’m an overachiever and not just a retard.

Index card #2

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  1. I love it. Glory & Revenge (with question marks).

    You may be the laziest screenwriter ever.

    …then again, you may just be a genius.

    At bodog, professional bettors have Riley tearing you a new one in this competition, like by 10/1.

    I’m thinking around notecard #8, you’ll have her screenplays in a burn barrel and you’ll come up with a Hail of Mary breakthrough and write the entire script in 11 hours. You’ll be inspired by a bag of unopened Cheetos and a fond rememberance of a goldfish named Petey.

    Let me know when to bet big.

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