Director Tom Dey is reteaming with his “Failure to Launch” scribes Tom Astle and Matt Ember on the broad family action-adventure “2012” for Paramount Pictures’ Nickelodeon Movies. Storyline revolves a family who goes on vacation in December 2012, just as the Mayan calendar is coming to a close. Over the decades, many have prophesized that the world will end when the ancient calendar ceases on Dec. 21, 2012.

And another,

GreeneStreet Films Intl. has acquired “Laws of Motion,” starring Matthew Perry and helmed by Craig Lucas. Hilary Swank is producing and playing a small role. Penned by Elyse Friedman, “Laws of Motion” is a comedy centering on three adult siblings: an uptight professor, his sexually promiscuous sister and their hippie kid brother. After being apart for some time, they reconnect and realize that while they are undoubtedly dysfunctional, they also need each other more than they admit.

So, the 2012 movie sounds like it could have been interesting, except for the fact that Nickelodean is doing it, which means it will be geared towards kids.

So, for today we have one action-adventure deal and two comedies. It’s not too late to make mine a comedy! Or I could cross them, an action-comedy or an adventure-comedy.