According to the craptastic tome How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, index card number 3 of my 9-card movie map should correlate to page 10 in my script.

Pages 3 - 10 of the script are supposed to reel in the audience. And by page 10, the who/what/where is all set up and in a pretty little package, complete with one of those bows that is already tied, that you just kind of stick on the top of the package, and hope that no one notices that you took the cheap-ass way out, and instead of making a nice bow yourself you just found the cheapest already assembled one there was and stuck it on there. That’s really what I should do. Take a script online and pack it up with my own little bow on it, send it out. Hollywood would likely be too stupid too realized they’d already paid someone else for the script. But no, I’m doing this the hard way. Brain cells will be overworked and underpaid in the writing of this script. The script that doesn’t have a completely formed idea…still. But I’m getting there. My idea is just marinating.

 So, card #3…

  • The Who? Bad-ass, or just bad?, David Caruso’s character leading his crew
  • What? After some shit
  • Where? Where the shit is, that’s where they’re going. You know, for the revenge. (glory is no longer a part of this shit) (and yes, I’m aware that more specific location info is supposed to be here, but I’m still trying to work out the details)

Index card #3