So, technically it is day 5, but you have to believe me when I tell you that I did finish this card yesterday. But before I could take the picture of it and post it up here, I got distracted. See, Tomorrow Never Dies was on Showtime or something and I was anxious to watch a bad movie and see if it hit all the pages that map out the 9-card movie map. Well, it was a pretty lame movie, so I didn’t watch it all, but just like clockwork everything on the notecards was coming into play.

I also got excited about the prospect of going to a pitchfest. See, even if my script isn’t better than the enemies, I know I am a better salesperson. I should really start working on my victory dance.

Anyways, index card 4 = page 30 of the script. Pages 10 – 30 is where we see what the hero is after and that it is a problem for him to get it. The Act I Turning Point happens 30 minutes into the film and introduces an event that is about to happen to send the hero on a new path into Act II.

Now, I’ve been reading a bunch of scripts online mostly to familiarize myself with how they are written since I’ve never done this, but also to see about this little movie formula. And around page 30 in almost every action/adventure/mystery script I’ve read the exact same thing happens. This is when the hero figures out that he and his posse do not possess a certain skill or piece of knowledge that they need in order to continue their quest for what it is that they are after. Then we are introduced to a beautiful woman, that is not a part of this posse, that has whatever it is that they need. Now, while she is not a part of their posse, she does indeed have a slight connection to them. Typically, she is a daughter or girlfriend/wife of a guy that was part of the posse who was killed. (In the Italian Job, she is the daugher of a crew member.) She has some anger issues with the hero and the posse because she blames them for his death. So, the hero approaches the woman for help, which she is so not down with. (In Tomorrow Never Dies, Terri Hatcher slaps Bond here.) Then, the hero uses his charm, and of course the beautiful woman falls for it and is now on their side. So, now the hero and the posse have what they need to complete the quest, but the dynamics of the group and the goal have changed, because she is only doing it to avenge what was done to her father/boyfriend/husband as she is not really a criminal/thief/etc. And of couse she will be the love interest of the hero by the end.

Card #4