So, I was supposed to do Card #5…..yesterday…but I’ve discovered a roadblock. Here’s the situation…

Card #5 is supposed to be where the Act II metaphor is – there is supposed to be a clue to resolution. The example from my guidebook is as such: If it is about a young girl growing up, then we will see a teddy bear abandoned face down on window seat next to cosmetics. Horrible, yes?

The problem? How am I supposed to write a clue to ending when I do not have the ending yet? Problem? Yes.

So, what have we learned? That the order you do the notecards depends on how much you are bring to the table to begin with. See, what should have happened is I should have started with cards #1 and #9. Then I should have worked on the others. But I didn’t. Instead, I spent what was supposed to be a day of rest/booze trying to figure out the clue to my resolution, when I don’t have a resolution.

For now, card #5 remains blank. Tomorrow, I must think on my ending so that I can do this #5 card.