I got so caught up in reading my new screenwriting books that I completely overlooked the tast for the day yesterday.

Index card #6 – which represents page 60 in the script. Considered the Point of No Return. This is supposed to be after the hero commits further, against all odds to his goal. After this, the obstacles will escalate. Supposedly, this is also a good time to show that the hero is changing.

Since I still do not have a concrete ending in mind, it is also difficult to complete this card. I’m thinking I need to add in a day of organization/rest this week to help get my thoughts a bit more organized so that I can stay on track as far as starting to write the actual script.

My girlfriend is loving it. She’s getting confident that she’s going to beat me. What she doesn’t know is that I’m gonna bust through this and still write a schweet lil piece of tripe in 31 days.