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Day 9, card 8

Card #8 is supposed to match page 90 of the script. According to the writing a crappy moving in 21 days book, around page 90 is when an event occurs that ‘educates’ the hero that he is going to be getting something more or different than what he set out to get. This is supposed to be an important little part of the movie because apparently if all the hero gets in the end is what he wanted in the beginning, then he has not changed.

So, now that I have a fully formed (for the most part) idea, I bet you’re expecting to see a pic of card #8 at the bottom of this post. Well, you won’t. Why? Because I didn’t do it. And it’s not just because I’m a lazy bastard, which I am by all accounts. See, here’s what I have instead – about 30 cards of scenes for the movie.

That’s how I fleshed out my teensy bit of an idea into a full-fledged movie. So, somewhere in the midst of that stack of cards is my page 90/card 8 – but I did not look through them to pull it out. But, before I start the actual writing of the script, there will be a post of all the cards. Until then, all you get is some crappy dialogue. Enjoy.

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  1. 30 cards. All right, now we’re talking. I was wondering what the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded talk was all about, as we didn’t even buy peanuts, find our seats, or hear the words “play ball” yet.

    Note cards and page numbers are all fine and dandy, but actually writing the thing will be the challenge. I’m with you. Ditch the know-nothing book writers’ advice and start knocking this thing out.

    We’re cheering for you man. Batter’s up.

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