Yesterday was day 10, day 11, card #9. Did I do it? No. But I have a good reason. When I did those 30 or so note cards, I ended up with card #9 as the last one that I did. So, technically I did do card #9…

Card #9 is supposed to have ‘the outcome’ of the movie. Of course, we already know how Hollywood action films end. There is some sort of last minute crisis, followed by explosions/car crashes/fist fights/etc., then we see the hero save the girl (because she always needs saved), then he trumps the bad guy, gets whatever it was that he was in a quest for, as well as something else because we have to see that along the way the object of desire has changed because, in fact, our hero has changed. Then the camera pans over the scene and back and we see the hero with his arm around the girl and the remnants of chaos around them (burning buildings, overturned cars, etc). The end.

But somewhere before the end, actually on pages 100 – 120, is what leads us to the end. Apparently this is the Act III event that raises the stakes. The hero is very close to his goal, but is faced with the final obstacle. (insert climactic musical number here) Our hero is faced with having to give up everything he has left behind in pursuit of his goal. It builds to a crisis point as he puts all he has in jeopardy of being lost. And then, it comes down to the final moment, the all or nothing moment. And because of his final act, he wins or loses and is changed.

Isn’t that just a nail biter?