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The working title

Now, the Save the Cat book told me that in order to write a kickass screenplay that sells to Hollywood, first I need a logline and then a title. I think that might be the shittiest idea I’ve ever heard. No, wait….yes….no….Actually, I’m certain that it IS the shittiest idea ever.

Now, according to How to Write a Movie in 21 Days, once I get all my little cards then I  need to come up with a working title. Apparently, I cannot just use the brilliantness which is my brain to come up with a working title. Why? Because apparently there is a formula for that too. Fucking Hollywood and their formulas.

The How to Get A Working Title formula:

My hero’s name is (fill in blank).  He/she wants (fill in blank). He/she needs (fill in blank). In one word, the story is about (fill in blank).

There you have it, the Hollywood Insta-title for your movie.

And now, for my insta-title….of course, my hero doesn’t have a name yet….

My hero’s name is Danny. He wants revenge. He needs to find Chauncy and open up a can of whoop ass. In one word, they story is about schadenfreude.

Of course…that doesn’t exactly give me a title still…

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  1. I admit I had to google both words, “chauncy” and “schadenfreude”. It’s hilarious, I love it.

    Other possible titles:

    Finding Chauncy.
    Exploding Whoop Ass.
    Notecard 9.
    Danny’s Curse: The Rescues of a Dim-Witted Big-Breasted Heroine who Likes to Start Sh*t.

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