Today is day 13, which of course means that yesterday was day 12 for those of you that have problems counting backwards, which is nothing like walking or even driving backwards. Speaking of driving, I have problems parallel parking and backing up in a straight line. I think it must be physically impossible to get in your car and go in reverse for a lengthy distance and have that be in a straight line. It’s just not possible. Much like me writing this script.

Here’s the problem. I know that I need to do it and that I need to do it fast. And so far – I got nothing. I’m thinking I’ll have a manic highly caffeinated phase where I’ll stay up all night and crank it out just in the nick of time. So, am I worried? Nah, not really. Even though my girlfriend walks by and taunts me every chance that she gets. She seems to think that I will not be able to crank it out.

Here’s to blank pages and more coffee!