Today marks day 14, which is more writing of the draft. If writing of the draft means watching the Miss Universe hottie show, then mission accomplished. Hooray for Miss Brazil! But here’s what I’m thinking….where is the make-out competition in the show?

We have the swimsuit competition and the evening gown competition and then the question/answer part. I say we drop the Q&A part and implement the make-out competition. Here’s how it goes. The top 15 have to pick one of the hotties that did not make it into the top 15 to make-out with. It will be a win-win for all. Hotties make-out, peeps at home to get to watch, and more people are tuning in to watch, which means higher ratings and more advertising dollars. See what I’m saying?

Tomorrow? Supposed to be a resting day, but due to my slacking the past few days, I suspect I’ll be writing. Balls.