So, according to the schedule I am supposed to have spent the day writing more of the “fast random draft” that is to become my kickass script. Well, I’m holding strong at the 4 pages I had yesterday. So, fast I am not. But I’m working during the day. A real job. In accounting. And it’s month end. So, I have an excuse. But I’m still gonna kick ass, so it doesn’t really matter.

This means that I have to play a little catch-up this weekend. I’m totally stoked about my 4 pages though. They were easy to write. I just hope the rest is as easy. Otherwise, I’ll end up with about 15 pages. A 15-page full length action feature film. Hrm, maybe I can break some sort of record while I’m at it?

I also need to come up with a damn title for my shitty little movie. The whole ‘working title’ exercise was beyond lame. Maybe I’ll go to and look for fun words to incorporate into a title!