See Me Sell A Screenplay

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It’s actually kinda fun

Who knew that writing a shitty screenplay could actually be fun? I say that because I’m used to seeing my girlfriend get all grumpy pants when she’s writing cause she gets stuck or something. But me – not so much. I mean, I am purposely writing shite, so that might make it a tad easier for me.


By the end of the day yesterday, I was up to 11 glorious pages. When I got home from work she asked how it was going. She doesn’t think that I heard the smirk in her voice when she asked. That’s why it felt so good to tell her that I had 11 pages. I think I actually heard her shit her pants. She didn’t think I was serious. Well, I am seriously gonna stomp her ass in this competition.


Tsk, tsk, never under estimate the competition. You’d think she hasn’t seen crappy Hollywood competition movies like Roll Bounce and the like. I mean, this is a classic Hollywood lesson. And she calls herself a screenwriter! Bah!

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  1. Oh my God. That “I think I actually heard her shit her pants” line is hilarious!

    Will we get a sample page or two of the script along the way? Or will we have to buy a ticket like everybody else?

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