Eeks, only 10 days left. I don’t know if I am ready to be a genius in 10 days. And that IS the plan, remember, from nothing to genius in 31 days. Going from nothing to genius in 31 days must be kinda like puberty. You know, there are signs that it’s going on and then you go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning and you don’t look like a kid anymore. And I’m not talking about the Tom Hanks version of getting up and not looking like a kid.

I worked on the script a little at work today. It is oh-so-rewarding to get paid to work on tripe. I reworked some stuff that I had already written, even though I’m supposed to just be doing a draft. And I wrote some more. I’m up to 14 pages now. I’m just moving right along here. Someone enter me into the geriatric marathon quick.

So, I got about a hundred pages left to write. 100 pages, 10 days. Can it be done? Oh yes, it most definitely can. The ass kicking campaign will commence shortly.