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The dream cast – what helps me write

As I have been writing these 14 pages of my script, I quickly discovered that it was considerably easier to write for the main character, which I had already said was inspired by David Caruso’s hideous acting “ability.” The easy solution to this problem is to think of actors in the other roles.

For the main chica, I chose Dina Meyer. She’s a bit of an underdog in the acting community. But she has spunk. And nice hair. And her most recent film had the words “Alien Seduction” in the title – you CANNOT go wrong with this one! And she is one of my girlfriend’s fave actress. And that kinda sucks cause Dina is in a lot of crappy movies that she clearly took just to pay the rent. I’m talking simulated blow job scenes here people. But on her behalf, she has had real jobs, like the Saw movies.

For the other main babe, I admit I had a bit of a problem thinking up someone. I knew I wanted it to be a blonde, but I’m really not that into blondes, so it was a difficult decision. Then it hit me. The only blonde actress I can think of that I find attractive.

Another main guy, the brother to the main chica character, came to me pretty quickly. I need a slacker type dude, but one that could seem nerdy at the same time. This guy came to mind immediately. I didn’t know his name (apparently it’s Seth Rogen), I just knew I loved him on Freaks & Geeks. Of course, he is in a Hollywood romantic comedy now, which lowers his cool factor. So, this kid from Accepted in a nice alternative. Even though he is in the same Hollywood romantic comedy. Cripes.

So, those are the peeps I have in my head when I’m writing. At least for 4 of the roles. And did I mention that there are 9 peeps in the heist crew? Yeah. Need to think of more peeps.


  1. I see Dina is into rollerblading. That’s the perfect opportunity to create a pile of onscreen sh**. Put her into a “Die Hard”-type scenario where Bruce Willis fights terrorists throughout the whole movie barefoot, substituting bare feet of course for roller blades (maybe with chariot wheel spikes on the sides).

    I love that the blonde’s name is Poppy Montgomery. She might even be a good actress, but I immediately think of the Poppy Stain from Seinfeld (a guy named Poppy pees on couches when he gets upset).

    I’ve never seen this Jonah Hill guy either. I just read the words “slacker type dude” and immediately got exciting thinking about Owen Wilson starring in an anti-terrorist action film with roller blades.

    I think you should use their real names. Jonah, Dina, Poppy, and Caruso. Sounds like a kid’s cereal or a traveling circus freak show. It’s perfect.

  2. admin

    June 6, 2007 at 6:54 am

    I like it – anti-terrorist action movie with roller blades. And it’s just shitty enough for Hollywood to eat it up.

  3. I’m not certain, but it seems to me that picking one of my favorite actresses as part of your dream cast is kind of like conceding that I am usually correct. So you may as well admit that I am also going to win and forfeit this contest now.

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