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Day 24 – sidelined with an injury

The clock is ticking down, I only have a few days to transform myself to a screenwriter with a genius (and completed) script. So, here I was, typing furiously. I got up to page 26 and then it happened.

An injury to beat all injuries.

A ghastly papercut on the knuckle of my middle finger on my left hand.

Small, yet excruciatingly painful. Oh the agony.

Now, when I complete that script in 31 days, my story will have evolved. I will be the cripple that defied all odds and wrote a screenplay in 31 days that will sell before my girlfriend’s script.

Oprah will want to do a movie of the week on me. 

You’ll see me on Montel telling my heartbreaking story of triumph.

Pre-order your tissues now.

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  1. Oh, boo hoo. I have written through headaches, back aches, stress, and trauma. I have written with paper cuts on more than one finger and painfully ugly flare-ups of my ganglion cyst. Climb down from the pillar. You are not Joan of Arc.

    p.s. that was a Shake-style smackdown for ya

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