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Day 25 – I think I can, I think I can

The writing is still coming pretty easy and I think it’s coming together quite nicely. I’m up to page 34 and I know what is going on page 45. Basically, I have a clear idea of what gets me to 45, and then I expect it to get a bit more difficult. And boring. But, whatcha gonna do?

Asses must be kicked, so the script must be written.

 So, here I am, up 34 pages with about 80 left to write and a clock ticking down the days.

It could be worse though. I could be taken out of a courtroom crying and screaming for my mother.


  1. Good news. I just learned of a show called “Ice Spiders” which is, you guessed it, about mutant spiders that get loose from a laboratory and kill skiiers.

    I also saw an advertisement for a new series on the History Channel called “Ice Truckers” or something like that, about, you guess it, truck drivers who drive across ice for a living. Yeah, it said “series”.

    This bodes well for a bad script. May the tripe be with you.

  2. admin

    June 9, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    wow, that’s really stinky, stinky shite.

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