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Day 26 – pancakes all around

On my to-do list for today was: write, write, write.

Want to know what I did?

Not write.

But I did have some delicious pancakes with fresh blackberry compote for breakfast.  It’s not screenwriting related, but it might just have been the most exciting part of my day.

On my behalf, I did think about the writing. Then I thought, ‘eh, I have all day tomorrow.’

Maybe I’ll write tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll stay up all night at the last minute like in college and pull something amazing outta my ass.  It’s happened before.

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  1. Hey, just like me. Instead of writing posts, I comment on other peoples’ blogs.

    Procrastination hurts so bad, but it feels so good. I’ll write a post about it…but now right now.

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