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Mike White – you thieving mo’fo

I’d just like to give a shout out in Mike White’s direction.

I’d really like for him to steal my idea so that I could get some press over here.

We don’t even have to be BFF’s or neighbors. And besides that, my idea is slightly better than this animal nonsense he stole. Is he on crack? Why didn’t he try to steal a good idea instead of some lame-ass shit of an idea? I mean, seriously.

And this poor silly woman that sued him. It doesn’t matter if he stole it or not, because he’ll get away with it. Just like Dan Brown and just like Disney with Finding Nemo. In fact, I don’t even know why I am bothering to write an original script with original dialouge and whatnot. What I should do, is rip off Ocean’s 11 or something and pass it off as my work. History has proven to me that I’d get away with it.

See…I am working my way towards becoming a genius.

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  1. I asked Mike White himself what he thinks about the article.

    He told me he actually did steal her entire script. Also he let the air out of her tires, pushed over her lawn ornaments and she’s now in the trunk of his car.

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