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Day 30 – D’oh, plagued by forgetfulness

I (stupidly) only have one copy of the Word doc that is my schweet screenplay in the making. I keep it on my 2 gig jump drive so that I can work on it at home or at work. I’m at work now, my jump drive is not. Seems I’ve left it in the computer at home.

Now, luckily I know where I was at in the script. Not so luckily, I’ll have to transfer everything from the document I create today into the one at home. This means wasted time. And the fact that I won’t be able to tell if I’m hitting my page marks as I write today. Dammit man.

Or, here’s a better idea. I can just claim that Mike White stole my jump drive cause he wanted my script. Yeah! And then I can say that it was actually a completed script, even though it wasn’t.

Or maybe I can become a scientologist and say that the aliens took it! 

Or maybe I’ll finish it up by tomorrow night. You never know about me.


  1. I know about you. You will not finish the script by your 31 day deadline. You will however try incredibly hard to just to prove that you can. When you fail to beat me, you will have one of the following excuses (that you’ve already mentioned) at the ready:
    1. “I had a papercut.”
    2. “The aliens took it.”
    3. “Mike White stole it… that thieving mo’ fo.
    Or perhaps you will utilize one of these that you haven’t yet mentioned but I’m sure you are keeping in the arsenal at the back of your mind:
    1. “One too many wild nights in Vegas with Lohan.”
    2. “I was too busy looking for Jesus with Paris.”
    3. “Caruso is busy with another project.”

  2. admin

    June 13, 2007 at 11:03 am

    You knew about those nights with Lohan?!?

  3. Omnipresent, remember?

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