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Day 31 – still not a genius

Okay, okay, I could lie to you, tell you that I pulled an all-nighter and finished the script. Or I could tell you that I called in to work to stay home and finish it. I could tell you those things. But they wouldn’t be true.

The truth is that I haven’t worked on it since I got to 41 pages. Actually, I did look at it one day, did a little editing and ended up with 40 pages, so go figure.

Could I have written it in 31 days? Yes. If I didn’t have a day job. I actually spent very little time on it the few days I did some writing. Heck, I bet you could even do it in those 21 days if you didn’t have a job to go to. Or a life. Unfortunately, I have both.

So, how long will it take? I dunno, maybe 41 days? Procrastination is part of the problem. And boredom. Have you ever read any action movie screenplays? Bor-ing. Writing one isn’t any more exciting.

I guess I’m shooting for the 41 days now. Actually, I should make it 60 and then finish it in 40 so that I will look like an amazing, uber-talented over-achiever. I can see the headline now “Screenwriting MoFo finishes 60 day script in an amazing 40 days!” People will ooh and ahh and want me to kiss their babies.

Team Talent – another reason why I gotta gets my ass in gear. Team Talent has already submitted her script to a contest. And is getting ready to send it in to the Disney Fellowship. It doesn’t matter if she gets either of them with the script though, as the object is to be the first to sell a script. And we all know that I will be that person.

I was just about to write a sentence that included the title of my movie…that’s when I realized that I still don’t have one. Dammit man.

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  1. “I know it’s boring, I know it’s hard to do on your time off, I know it’s hard to get inspired. I know the price of Economy sized Baby Dry Pampers is going up.

    But man up! Forget how many days you think it’s going to take and just write the f***ing thing!”

    -Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker

    (this has been posted out of love)

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