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Dakota Fanning like so totally reads my site

I’m so totally stoked that Dakota Fanning is obviously reading this site. In case you missed the commenter on my previous post, here it is…

 new study just released found that people who bash Dakota Fanning have small genitalia.

Wow, and look at all that humanitarian work she is doing now. Helping out with medical studies measuring genitalia. That’s just awesome.

If this very important study has not yet completed I’d like to request that they also measure the genitalia of people that have really loud stereos. You know the ones, they pull up 3 cars behind you at a stop light and everything on your dash rattles and you say a silent “thank you jesus” that you’re not driving a Saturn. So yeh, study those peeps cause I’m fairly certain that they all also have small genitalia. Wonder if they’re Dakota Fanning haterz too?

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  1. Pretty harsh comment considering you didn’t really even say anything bad about her.

    From what little I know about her I think Dakota’s cool. She’s a good actress and she’s just a kid.

    I’m totally with you on the stereo pricks.

    The only time it’s cool with me is when it’s a war vet who has to turn up the volume because he lived in a trench with artillery rounds going off around him and his hearing is gone.

    To them I say “Thanks for your service, crank it up.”

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