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Spoofs, remakes and other wrongs in Hollywood

This has Ben Stiller written all over it….New Line just bought a “spoof” from Benderspink under the name of “The $40,000 Man.” Benderspink has been on my radar for some time now. They seem to be the biggest lovers of stinky Hollywood shite. They will be the first place I send my script to.

Last week Screen Gems announced a remake of The Big Chill. why?

And buried in a story about the sequel of Wild Hogs (again, why?) and something new called My Samurai, the news of someone writing a remake of Escape to Witch Mountain was mentioned. If they put Dakota Fanning in this I just might scream.

And I leave you with these parting thoughts. Monopoly as a movie. Yes, that Monopoly.


  1. I like the person who did the Monopoly movie story. They said Clue was a great movie, which is, of course, correct.

  2. Good article, but I love the game Monopoly. It only sucks if you’re losing or if the banker has the math skills of a chimpanzee.

  3. A new study just released found that people who bash Dakota Fanning have small genitalia.

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