See Me Sell A Screenplay

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Is this really the kind of film America wants to see?

From Hollywood

Kate Hudson is set to star opposite Dane Cook in Lionsgate Films’ “Bachelor No. 2,” helmed by Howard Deutch.

Production is slated to begin in August in Boston. A third-quarter 2008 release is planned.

Jordan Cahan’s screenplay centers on Tank, a man hired to take girls out on terrible dates to prompt them to return to boyfriends they left. Conflict ensues when he offers his services to his best friend and falls for the girl. Hudson will play the love interest, Alexis.

A look at box office global grosses says no.

Release       Wknd. B.O. Cume B.O.
1. Shrek the Third $44.7 $106.1
2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 $34.7 $549.3
4. Fantastic Four: Surfer $25.2 $25.2
Weekend of June 15-17. Estimated figures in millions.

Looks like my little heist movie is a good bet.


  1. andrew walker

    June 22, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    thay want to see the pirates of the caribbean 3 thats what thay want to see all the action with captain jack sparrow

  2. That actually seems like it could be a funny concept for a movie, even though I probably won’t watch it.

    By the way, if anybody reading this wants to be set up with a lousy date, I’ll do it for free. Offensive sarcasm, embarrassing in public, and I won’t pick up the tab. I’m yours ladies.

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