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Day 43 – falling off the wagon

Falling off the wagon sounds painful. You might be surprised to know that I have indeed fallen off the wagon at this point, having not written anything on the script since last week. So, I can tell you that falling off the wagon does not hurt.

What hurts is planning on hoisting yourself back up onto the wagon just to discover that your stupidass left your jumpdrive in your computer at home – and the jumpdrive is the only place you have a copy of the script. That means another day of your ass hanging off the side of the wagon. Dammit man.

All these wagon references make me think about the old school Oregon Trail computer game. Ahh, good times.


  1. That game was sweet. Our lazy English teacher even let us play it in school as a “class project”.

  2. If you are reading this comment… you have dysentery.

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