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I’ll take Unlikely Pairings for $800…

We won’t discuss the fact that I was reading an article from MSN on Ben Stiller.

And we won’t discuss music video directors directing films.

Or that Ben Stiller’s new indevelopment movie, The Deep, seems like complete and total rubbish. (” …tells the nightmarish story of a man whose battle with a parking ticket gets him sucked into an increasing number of criminal allegations.”)

We will, however, discuss this important line from the article…

He will then star alongside Tom Cruise in a comedic remake of “The Hardy Boys” titled “Hardy Men”

Say what? I’m not sure what is more unbelievable here, Tom Cruise doing comedy or Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller doing comedy together. I’m at a loss.

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  1. I read that Hardy Boys thing yesterday in “Stuff” Magazine. I thought it was a joke, though.

    Also Will Ferrell is doing one about trying to get his basketball team to go pro. All I saw was a picture of him on the court with a fro and that serious as sh*t/dumb as sh*t look on his face. I knew instantly I wanted to see it.

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