I love me some Harry Potter movies, so I’m totally stoked about the release next week of The Order of The Phoenix to theaters. If you’ve ever been to the opening nights of any of these films, then you know that loads of people show up wearing various Harry Potter paraphernalia from homemade shirts to licensed shirts to crafty costumes.

With that in mind, I decided to see what sorts of crafty tees I could find over at Cafe Press, as I’m sure those people are craploads more creative than the shirts I’ve seen at Hot Topic.

First up is a pretty cool shirt, My boggart is ______.

And if you are waiting for the young actors of Harry Potter, specifically Emma Watson, to blossom into greatness, then you’ll wanna get this item, I’m waiting for Emma Watson’s porn career

My fave so far, the Harry Potter as a weeble wobble tee…

Secondary characters more your thing? How about I’m HOT for the Weasley twins.


   aren’t we all?


And, just so you know, There’s no denying it…Snape’s a sexy bastard


And in case you were wondering, Voldemort votes Republican