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Day 61: Lessons learned about screenwriting

Yes, it’s true what you’ve heard about me. I’m writing a kickass shit-of-a-screenplay.

Each day that I work on it I have dreams of Tom Cruise and John Travolta welcoming me to Hollywood once I sell my work of tripe. They take me on Travolta’s plane where we fly out to Roswell. During the flight we take turns cracking jokes about Brooke Shields and Freud. We land in Roswell where we wait for Xenu and the other badass ninja aliens to take me to join the Galactic Confederacy. (which I think is alien-speak for a gay man’s rave. or maybe a bathhouse.)


But that’s another story…

As I’ve spent some time tripe writing, I mean screenwriting, I’ve noticed that the screenwriting books do have one thing on the money. That blasted second act is damn horrible to write. What they forgot to mention is that it is also hella boring since it’s basically just filler to get you to the third act.

But I have found a solution.

Skip it. Skip right to the exciting stuff and work on the end instead. That way you don’t waste your time writing too much filler. And it will help to speed the process along.

Yes, I know I have just helped you in your own screenwriting. You can thank me later, because now I have an appointment with the Galactic Confederacy, who look suspiciously like the Village People…

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  1. Are you wishing about now you just did a teenage Rocky ripoff with a different sport?

    Just playing. Hang in there.

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