Okay. So, here’s the story….I’m sorta kinda still not finished with my screenplay, but I have a good excuse.

I haven’t worked on it. At all. In like forever.

See, that’s why I’m not finished. But I am feeling motivated. The Bourne Ultimatum kicked some ass when it came out, which confirmed for me that shitty action movies are the way to Hollywood’s cold little heart. So, instead of writing my Julie Strain’s ho’s stand-off against Lil’ Kim’s ho’s short, I will be slaving away at another shitty Hollywood action movie.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking:

“Screenwriting MoFo is a douchebag that can’t write a script. Thought it was gonna be easy, but looks like it’s not. Muah hahahaha.”

To that I say:

Piss off.  Writing the filler part is a pain in my ass. But I’m not worried. Oh no. See, Team Talent has sent her little wanna-be Hollywood blockbuster out to one contest and to the Disney Fellowship. And that’s it. Other than that she’s been sitting on it. Waiting for it to hatch like all of the other finished scripts she doesn’t send out. So, I’m not worried. Remember that little kiddie story about the turtle and the hare? Slow and easy wins the race baby.

And now, I leave you with this thought….on the front page of Variety is a link to the Women’s Impact Report, a spotlight on the industry’s femme movers and shakers. I look at this and am struck my one thought –

There’s women in Hollywood that are movers and shakers? Where the hell are they hiding them?