Want to make your self feel important by going to a fancy pants seminar? 

I got an email about an upcoming Final Draft and Scriptshark seminar taking place in NYC on November 3, 2007. The snazzy little title of said seminar is “Out of the Computer and Into the Industry.”

It’s a day long seminar. You get to practice pitching, you get info on screenplay marketing, and you get info on managers looking for talent. Not agents, just managers. I say that is kinda worthless. You also get a year subscription to Script magazine and to The Spec Market so you can post projects.

The price of this? $139 if you register by today, $149 after that.

Is a screenplay competition more your style?

I also happened to get an email about the  Pubfilms $25,000 Screenplay Competition. Holy no-name contest, that is a lot of money. Apparently this is a bit of a unique competition. You submit you script, voting begins on Oct 1, 2007 by the public and script with most votes is the winner.  Entry fee is $35.00. And yes, if you win you lose all rights to your script for the cash prize of $25,000. Doesn’t look like so much money now, does it?