I still don’t have a title for my yet to be finished script that I am working on but I have decided on one thing. It needs to be a title that can lend itself to a horrible headline like the “Halloween Scares Up Big Holiday Crowds” headline that is on Hollywood Reporter’s front page. How hokey is that? And Hollywood is all about hokey. In fact, maybe I should just call my movie “Hokey Pokey” and let that be it.

Of course, it’s an action movie, so that might not be entirely fitting. Oooh, I think I’ve got something. See, there is a bit of a heist element to the script, which could lead to headlines like

  • “(insert clever movie name here) steals the number one spot in the box office…”
  • “(insert clever movie name here) snuck it’s way up to number one…”
  • “(insert hot actor here) stole the hearts of audiences everywhere this weekend…”

Well, you get the picture.