Wanna know what’s selling in Hollywood? Me too! Here are some “major” deals as listed in my Done Deal pro newsletter:

Millennium Films and Paradox Entertainment have picked up the rights to “Conan the Barbarian” by Robert E. Howard for seven figures. The action story will center on the mythical conqueror Conan the Barbarian. Paradox’s Fredrik Malmberg and Millennium’s Avi Lerner, Boaz Davidson, Joe Gatta & George Furla will produce. Film had been previously set up at Warner Bros., who had the rights for seven years with no progress.

Universal Pictures has paid seven figures for the rights to author Daniel Silva’s seven-book spy thriller series. The first book in the series is “The Messenger.” It centers on Gabriel Allon, a Mossad agent who was part of the covert team that avenged the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, and who retires and becomes an art restorer after his wife and child are killed by a terrorist. Mark Gordon & Josh McLaughlin will produce. Pierre Morel will direct. Silva was repped by ICM.

Also in the newsletter the heads up on a new screenwriting contest…


Call for Entries! Sponsored by several top production and management companies, Screenplay Festival offers an honest opportunity for undiscovered writers to get their work into the right hands. And Screenplay Festival is proud of our high report card rating on several screenwriters’ websites. As a writer we respect that you prefer to enter a contest that you know you can trust.

Importantly, Screenplay Festival gives awards for each of the following five categories: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, and Thriller/Horror. Why should a drama and an action movie compete for the same prize? Screenplay Festival recognizes all great writing regardless of genre.

Prizes include cash, software, announcement to thousands of industry professionals, and direct contact with several top agencies, managers and producers.

Final Deadline: October 1.

And now for the skinny on this contest – the”prize” is $1,000 in each of the five categories and an email shout out to “over 6,500 industry professionals” on InkTip along with some other shite including a certificate that looks like it was created in MS Publisher! Ooh! Who doesn’t want that prize basket?!? The entry fee for a chance at all this precious is only $50, and an additional $15 per extra category that you want your script to be considered under.  I say if you send in $50 to this hack of a contest not only are you a douche bag but you’re a douche bag! No mention of recognizable past winners, no mention of recognizable judges and no mention of recognizable big sponsors. In fact, I think I’ll start my own screenwriting contest. Please, send me your $50 and your shitty scripts. In return I will print you out a certificate from MS Publisher. In color!