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John Cusack is not a tool

He’s a brand, or so he says. For me he is more of an off-brand than a brand really.

He says he has made 10 good movies his entire career and 40 that are not so great. He basically blames the Hollywood system for making him have to do a lot of shitty movies just so he can do the 10 good ones. Pish-posh I say to that. And don’t be such a wanker Johnny! The way I see it, no one is making poor little John do shitty movies. Instead he does them so he can live in a nice house, drive a nice car, and so on. He is perfectly capable of living in a crappy studio apartment, eating Ramen noodles for every meal and whatever else it takes to be able to only do quality independent projects. But NOOOOOOOO, he can’t do that. He’s a brand! And apparently that is Hollywood code for “wanker.”

Wanna know what I think about the wanker’s movie career? Better Off Dead is his best film. The. End.

Excuse me while I go work on one of those shitty Hollywood scripts that John hates to do but loves to get the paycheck for…

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  1. muhahaha… you just put the freakin’ smack down on John Cusack, accurately named his best movie, and, adding insult to injury, might I add that John is the second most talented Cusack

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