I was checking out The Moviequill and noticed the awesome post on Screnwriting Erors and Misteaks… that actually links to an old message on a newsgroup.

If you scroll down through the listing of errors on the newsgroup page you will actually fund some decent info. Of course, it was terribly hard to read for me as the background and the text were not exactly compatible. Or maybe that’s just on Firefox browsers.

While the list does have some good pointers or refreshers if you are not a novice screenwriter, it also has some special rules written in for screenwriting retards. Don’t believe me? Check out this excerpt….

Fifth mistake — No story. It’s surprising how many beginning writers forget to include this — or think that they have when they haven’t. A story consists of a central problem of overwhelming importance to somebody, who then acts to solve the problem, faces obstacles of increasing severity over the course of the movie, and who then either solves it or fails to solve it, said success or failure being a statement of the theme of the story.

Yup, that one is for retards.