I think screenplay contests are basically a load of crap. Why? Because any asswipe can start a script contest to make some extra cash and then they can declare their buddies winners. Then the buddies put “contest winner” on their calling card and they get some bank and end up giving it to the contest starter. See where I’m going here? Hollywood is just a big you scratch my nads and I’ll fondle yours kind of playground.

Here are my observations on this gripping news story from the Hollywood Reporter on the Slamdance script contest winners

The winning script was apparently a period piece. Funny that, since Hollywood Lit Sales has said new writers shouldn’t write a period piece. Of course, there is also the fact that the writer of the winning script “runs a Los Angeles actor’s workshop”…hrm. Maybe it was his turn to get his nads fondled?

Looking through the names of the writers that filled out the top 10 list of winners and runners-up I noticed one thing. Mostly dudes. And that makes me think only one thing – isn’t it surprising that so many writers and players in Hollywood are dudes? I mean, you would think those studio heads and whoever else is at the top of the “nad fondle and scratch totem pole” would want to look at some ta-ta’s every now and then. I’m just saying, the scenery in those places can’t look too good. If I was in Hollywood I would strike for more boobs in the writers room. Screw residuals or whatever it is that they might be striking for soon.

In other news, I am still a lazy bastard and have not read Team Talent’s script that I am supposed to be doing script coverage on. No one else has sent me a script, but I did get a postcard in the mail from a church. Actually, it wasn’t for me specifically as it was addressed as “Our neighbor at…”