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Terror alert: Hannah Montana is attempting world domination!

Eek – the spawn of Billy Ray Cyrus is every where these days.

And I just don’t get it. First we have her concerts selling out like she’s some kind of legend. What is that all about? And now her tour is coming to a theater near you and me? Dear god, what did we do to deserve this? And it’s going to be in 3-D, what?

And possibly the most disturbing part of this shenanigan …

The 14-year-old singer and star of Disney Channel’s “Hannah Montana” series, will perform as both a solo artist and as her television character, Hannah Montana.


Remember when that wacky Garth Brooks went around as the equally wacky but with a hair piece Chris Gaines? Yup. That’s what this makes me think of.

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  1. My knowledge of celebrity culture:

    American Idol. I’ve heard of it.
    Lindsay Lohan. I think she’s a singer.
    Harry Potter. Beats me. Maybe a fishing show.
    And now Hannah Montana. My best guess is a child prodigy juggling geologist.

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