Poor Britney. What is this former hot item trying to do these days? Did she purposely lose visitation rights for her rugrats?

From IMDB news:

Britney Spears has lost the right to see her two children after breaching a court order. Los Angeles County Commissioner Scott Gordon suspended her visitation rights after an emergency meeting with Kevin Federline‘s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan on Wednesday. Gordon – who ordered Spears to undergo random drugs testing at an earlier ruling – made the decision after the singer failed to provide the court with her contact information. The order, obtained by website Tmz.com, reads, “Petitioner’s (Britney’s) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner’s compliance with the court orders.” Spears lost physical custody of her son’s Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one, on October 11, but was granted one overnight visit a week in a court ruling. She is due to appear in court on October 26.